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Automating caption creation

The primary objective of Tripod is to revolutionise access to the enormous body of visual media. Applying an innovative multidisciplinary approach Tripod will utilise largely untapped but vast, accurate and regularly updated sources of semantic information to create ground breaking intuitive search services, enabling users to effortlessly and accurately gain access to the image they seek from this ever expanding resource.

Project Tripod's primary objective is to achieve the same step change for both photographic collections and potentially other multimedia types as well. Therefore, Tripod will:

  1. automatically build rich multi-faceted text and semantic descriptions of the landscape and permanent man-made features pictured in a photograph;
  2. create image search facilities that serve broader user needs than current keyword or content-based approaches provide;
  3. build captions in a range of different languages;
  4. automatically update captions, when new information about a location becomes available;
  5. package Tripod's tools as a suite of services to prepare Tripod for exploitation in a wide range of markets


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Last updated January 2009